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Green Beauty Guide to Autumn Inspired Makeup using Organic Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free

Autumn magic!

Our photographer, Echo, teamed up with makeup artist Melanie Richards, and model Nicole Oke, for an autumn-inspired photoshoot that used only Batty's Bath beauty products!

Autumn Inspired Makeup Look Using Organic Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Organic Beauty

In this collection you'll find the Batty's Bath products that Melanie used on Nicole:

πŸ‚Whipped foundation (shade: Granola)
πŸ‚Bright Eyed Beauty (under eye) Pink Concealer
πŸ‚Oil Absorbing Setting powder
πŸ‚Clean Slate Black Mascara
πŸ‚Meadow Glow Highlighter
πŸ‚Matte Mineral Blush (shade: sweet pea)
πŸ‚Lipstick (shade: Peach) with cocoa lip gloss
πŸ‚ EYESHADOWS: Aurora in the corner, raspberry ruffle for the lid. Granite Goddess on the outer corner and crease. Cyclone for liner with drop of our eyeshadow primer
πŸ‚Biscuit Bronzer for contour