Oil Absorbing Setting Powder


  • Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
  • Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
  • Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
  • Oil Absorbing Setting Powder
  • Oil Absorbing Setting Powder

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A setting powder is a finishing touch to a perfect makeup application (like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!). Batty’s setting powder is not only like the cherry on top, but the chocolate sprinkles too! Here’s why: it doesn’t just “set” your foundation (so it doesn’t budge or slide off mid-day), it helps prevent the reason most of us feel like our makeup needs a touch up before the day is out - excess oil! Batty’s setting powder helps absorb excess oil. And instead of needing to redo your foundation mid-day, especially if you have extra oily skin, just another quick layer or two of Batty’s setting powder will keep your coverage in place and lasting for as long as you need it to!

And the best part is Batty’s setting powder is super light weight, has a silky (but not greasy or gross) feel, and goes on completely sheer! So no matter what shade of foundation you wear, Batty’s setting powder will blend in seamlessly!

Batty’s setting powder can also be worn over tinted moisturizers or simply on makeup free days to help control oil!

(Pst, looking for more ways to control oil? Or perhaps even kick oily skin to the curb for good? Check out “What you need to know about dehydration” on the Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel page, and stock up on info and resources by heading over to Batty’s Skin Care 101: Acne).

In a nutshell

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Completely translucent
  • Extends the life of makeup
  • Creates a silky feel and look for skin
  • Provides a matte finish
  • Contains zinc which is a natural sun blocking ingredient

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  1. If you're planning on wearing foundation, eyeshadow, etc, apply all of that first.
  2. Using a kabuki brush, dip the brush into the setting powder
  3. Tap off excess back into the jar (simply tap the brush once or twice over the jar) or if you’re planning on putting on more than a thin layer of powder on your face, tap off this excess into the inside of the setting powder jar lid.
  4. Next, dab the brush (with setting powder on it) on the inside of the lid of the setting powder jar
  5. Swirl the brush around (this “loads the brush” - in other words, deposits the power throughout the brush for an even application)
  6. Once the brush is “loaded”, gently swirl the brush over your face.
  7. Continue until you’ve covered your whole face and repeat if you want an extra layer of oil absorbing powder. (Or, if you only get oily in your T zone or the sides of your nose, you can skip the rest of your face and just apply the powder to these oil-prone areas).
  8. Repeat throughout the day as needed

Key Ingredients

Kaolin Clay 

  • Creates a smooth and soft base for makeup application
  • Provides a silky 'slip' for easier blending

Dry Flo

  • Derived from modified corn starch
  • A safe and natural alternative to talc that is aluminium free
  • Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth
  • Absorbs oil to help maintain a matte feature and prevent you from looking and feeling greasy

Zinc Oxide: 

  • Used to help provide a 'stick' that holds cosmetics product where applied
  • Can be used as lightening base for dark pigments


Serecite, Kaolin, Tapioca Starch + Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Zinc Oxide, Mica

Tapioca Starch (and) Polymethylsilsesquioxane
Plant-derived / Non-GMO

Note: none of our ingredients are micronized!

  • Size: 2 oz jar / 8- 12 g of product (this will last a LONG time!)
  • Packaged in a glass jar

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Ask a Question
  • I am currently applying this about every 3 hours during the day (both with or without makeup). Is that considered too much or is there a recommended usage? I am an orchid, currently with oily skin, but usually have eczema. Going through some changes! :)

    Hey there!

    Thanks for your question! In terms of usage, the Oil Absorbing Powder can be worn all day. It works wonderfully as a makeup setting powder and helps keep the oil at bay even when you are not. Unless you have an allergy, there's no reason wear this all day long. In fact, the ingredients are soothing and protective of the skin.  

  • Can this be used without foundation or cream underneath? Just to absorb oil on days I don’t wear much makeup?

    Hi there! What a fantastic question- thanks for asking! Absolutely yes; you can use this along without makeup underneath. This is actually one of the only things I will put on my face on 'no makeup' days to ensure I can keep my oils in check. It's completely translucent and matte so there's no worry about it adding pigment or shimmer to the skin. - VA Karla

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