Delicate Touch Skin Care Kit

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A soothing “re-set button” for your whole complexion, especially for those with combination or dry skin.

Giving your skin a clean slate is the first step in setting your skin up for success! Setting your skin up for success means giving your skin relief from harsh products, a fresh start with a gentle approach, and complete reset for your complexion- which is exactly what you'll get with the Delicate Touch Skin Care Kit.

Sensitive skin is no walk in the park! Even walking down the body care aisle of your local pharmacy can make your skin scream in terror. We get it and we've got you covered!

The Delicate Touch Skin Care Kit does exactly what the name suggests. It’s packed with loving ingredients and void of anything that send people with sensitive skin into hiding. No harsh ingredients. No irritants. No worries!

This kit includes:

If you're frustrated with trying to get your skin to cooperate, calm down, or just simply behave, I get it.

Simply put, it sucks.

And you’ve probably already invested tons of money & time, trying other systems & products.

That sucks, too.

But before you put one more gel, cream, serum or exfoliant on your face, stop. Hit pause.

Do not pass go.

Use the Delicate Touch Skin Care Kit for 3 full weeks to give your poor, agitated face a good, clean soothing sweep. You'll be astonished at how your skin responds — hallelujah for balance!


The Delicate Touch Skin Care Kit is for you, if…

  • Your taking our 30 Day Detox Challenge and the original Detox Kit isn't right for your skin. 
  • You’re ready to let Mother Nature take the wheel and help you tackle your skincare concerns
  • Your skin is combination (or prone to dryness) but never super oily
  • Your skin can be extra sensitive or easily irritated
  • Your skin plays nice with vitamin C.
  • You’re looking for products that sooth (not assault) your delicate complexion
  • You’re new to green beauty skincare and not sure where to start
  • You've been using not-so-awesome products on your face, for quite a while.
  • You’ve hit a plateau with your skin care regime — your skin is feeling flat, dull and uncooperative.
  • You’re undergoing a serious amount of stress (and I'm not talking about just with your skin - work, relationships, LIFE - those all count too!)

Doesn’t quite sound like your skin?

Find out more about these icons here.

Delicate Touch Kit Card

This kit will work even better if you…

  • Avoid putting conventional or harsh products that are known to contain ingredients that are pore-clogging irritating on your face, hair & clothes for 3 full weeks (or better yet — EVER!) to give your kit a chance to calm & de-stress your skin.
  • If you absolutely must use makeup during your kit, go for a green beauty option that's supportive, non-pore-clogging, and formulated with acne prone skin in mind — like the foundation & cc cream you'll find here.
  • Make an effort to hydrate & eat clean, green foods — the kind that grows in the earth. 
  • Get a ridiculous amount of sleep. Your skin moves into accelerated repair-mode, while you snooze. (Beauty rest is a real thing!)
  • Try to relax, play & smile. Go ahead: delete those emails. Take a walk. Call a girlfriend, coach or counsellor, and get loved up with support. Chronic stress creates a surge of hormones that make it harder for your organs to function properly. (And your skin IS your largest organ — so relaaaaaax)

For a complete list of detailed ingredients for each product, please see the independent product pages by clicking the links below. 

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Ask a Question
  • Hi! I am about 6 days in on my detox and wondered if the old saying “it will get worse before it gets better” applies here. I’ve often heard that when starting a new skincare routine, your skin can sort of expel the bad in the form of breakouts; is that common? I’m noticing a few but will stay committed. Admittedly, I am picking at them, for shame, and have challenged myself to stop that. Either way, I’m excited to stay the course and improve my skin with natural-ingredient skin care.

    Hi there! Thanks for you question :)

    Unfortunately, the saying is true. What you're most likely experiencing are known as detox breakouts and it's exactly as you described. Your skin is attempting to rid itself of any debris and toxins built up in your pores from previous products and adjust to the new routine. The good news is, these are just a temporary thing as you move through your detox. They tend to come in waves and become less frequent as you move forward. 

    Here's a blog we wrote a while back that gives you a better understanding of detox breakouts:  Also, ee actually have a number of really great resources to help you through this process that you can find here:

    Hope this helps and way to go on addressing the picking challenge :) 

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