Online Course: Roadmap to Radiant Skin

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  • Online Course: Roadmap to Radiant Skin
  • Online Course: Roadmap to Radiant Skin
  • Online Course: Roadmap to Radiant Skin

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Online Course: Roadmap to Radiant Skin
The 5 R’s of Radiance: A guided journey for clear skin for Radiant Rebels

Chances are you landed here because you’re looking to achieve clear, healthy skin. It probably feels like you’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing seems to work. Even tactics that seem to work initially, stop working within a couple weeks and you find yourself back at square one. I know this vicious cycle intimately because I was stuck in it for a long time before I figured out what worked for my skin. 

If any of these resonate with you, you’re in the right place.

  • You feel stressed and confused about your skin and how it behaves
  • Your self-confidence is hindered because you don’t feel in control when it comes to your breakouts
  • You feel lost when it comes to breakouts because you have no clear direction to follow
  • You feel brushed off by ‘well-meaning’ professionals, friends and family simply because they don’t understand how much your skin is bothering you.
  • It might feel like nobody cares enough to give you straight answers about what could actually work for your skin
  • You’ve been made to feel superficial because you worry about how your skin is acting/looking, or you’re embarrassed to talk to anyone about your skin because you don’t want to draw attention to it

That’s where the 5 R’s of Radiance comes in. No Radiant Rebel should ever feel defeated by their skin, and we believe that knowledge is your greatest strength in the skin care battle. We’ll give you the tools to help you figure out what is causing your breakouts and go through the ins and outs of narrowing down the root causes and triggers behind your breakouts.

What makes our approach different? Most acne solutions address the problem from one angle. The Batty’s Bath system is a HOLISTIC approach that tackles your breakouts from all directions. We combine the contributing internal (including mental health) and external factors to create personalized and realistic solutions that are specific to your needs.

In the end, you will have crafted a NATURAL solution that includes information you can use at the different stages of your life. If your root causes and triggers should ever change, you’ll have the detective skills to figure it out. Life’s full of journeys; let’s make this one about discovering your radiance.

Taking control feels good! Let’s flip the switch and take you from helpless to hopeful and from anxiety to action.

In a nutshell, this course provides you with:

  • The tools to figuring out the root causes and triggers behind your breakouts
  • The ability to take back control of your skin
  • A natural skin care solution that is personalized to your needs
  • The capability to identify trends in your skin’s behaviour
  • A group setting for learning and accountability
  • A restored faith in your skin care
  • Ground zero for emotional healing when it comes to your self-confidence

BIG NOTE: We’ll give you to the tools and resources you need to make magic happen. The REAL results are completely in your hands. An open mind and willing heart are how you’ll achieve your radiance.

Includes a free copy of our printable skin journal!


Our very own Batty – the founder of Batty’s Bath – will be your teacher. She’s been there, done that, and come out the other side of acne (among other things). She’s a survivor, an innovator, and a problem solver – she loves getting to the bottom of things and will be your biggest ally during this period of self-discovery. Join her as she imparts her “skin detective” skills to any interested gumshoes!

This workshop will take you on a guided tour of the 5 R’s of the Batty’s Bath roadmap. Content will be delivered through our private Facebook Group, so participants MUST HAVE FACEBOOK. This will act as the home base where all your content will be delivered.

This course is divided into 7 modules that you can complete at your own pace. Once provided access to the Facebook Group, you will have instant access to everything you need to complete the workshop including videos, worksheets and bonus content.

There is no shortage of content. Each module is jam-packed with learnings; We recommend tackling one module per week to ensure that you are able to digest the information that is being delivered. 


Our Modules:

Module 1:

  • Intro / skin journalling / face mapping / skin care routines workshop / joining the secret Facebook group

Module 2:

  • The 1st R of Radiant Skin: Remove
  • Removing common triggers, stumbling blocks, etc

Module 3:

  • The 2nd R of Radiant Skin: Repair
  • Actions to repair your skin (inside and out)

Module 4:

  • The 3rd R of Radiant Skin: Replace
  • Replacing problematic triggers with better options

Module 5:

  • The 4th R of Radiant Skin: Re-inoculate
  • Setting your skin up for success and "inoculating" it against life's crazy moments 

Module 6:

  • The 5th R of Radiance Skin: Rebalance 
  • Creating balance that sets up your skin for success, including internal and external imbalances, as well as seasonal. 
  • Spotting and understanding skin journal trends

Module 7:

  • Group check-in
  • How to continue to see improvement in your skin after we wrap up
  • Where to get continued support
  • Recommended resources
  • Celebration!

Are refunds possible?
Refunds are offered up until 72 hours post purchase. You will receive and instant download upon purchase that will contain the necessary pieces to complete Module 1; This way you’ll have one module of content to decide if this is the right approach for you. After that point, a refund will not be available to students. 

Will I still have access to the group after the workshop?
YES- As long as Facebook Groups still exists, you’ll have a lifetime pass to the group for continued support and guidance. 

What if I’m shy/too embarrassed and don’t feel like participating?
This course is designed for you to work in an environment that is most comfortable for you. If for you that means being an independent learning wallflower, that’s A-OK! The bottom-line is that those who commit to the process are most likely to be the ones that see results. While we promise not to sugar coat things, we do guarantee a judge-free space where no question is unwelcome. Remember, you’re in a PRIVATE group setting where everyone is experiencing similar challenges; there’s an amazing opportunity to share and learn from one another.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account or am technically ‘challenged’?
We’re sorry, but all students must have a Facebook account to access the group and content. Alternative delivery will not be available. There’s no need to be technically inclined either. If you can use Facebook, you’ll do just fine.

Do I have to stop wearing makeup during the process?
Absolutely not! HOWEVER, it is crucial that you use makeup that is skin AND eco-beauty friendly. When you continue to use chemically based cosmetics with a natural skin care routine, you’re really just going in circles. You can expect your results to be hindered by the petrochemicals and other toxins you’ll keep introducing to your skin. Good news is, we’ve developed a line of cosmetics that are completely safe and complimentary to a natural skincare routine. Not only are the ingredients natural, but the majority of our line contains acne-fighting benefits as well. Wondering which makeup will be the best for your skin and complexion from our line up? No problem – we’re here to help. Reach out and we’ll narrow down the formula and shade for you.

I’ve invested a lot in my skin already, and I feel guilty/worried about spending more money on myself. Is it really worth the investment?
When it comes to your health, can you really put a price on things? Here’s a hint - While external factors can contribute to problem skin, there’s almost always an internal, root cause to acne. You can learn a lot about your overall health (and not just about your acne) by listening to your skin. Investing in your health, both physically and mentally, is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Finding peace and happiness is priceless and if your skin has you feeling any less about yourself, then this is your opportunity to regain control and find balance.

Can’t I just google the information?
In all honesty, you likely could but we also suspect you’ve tried that route before and that’s why you’re here. The truth is, there’s a LOT of misinformation and people trying to make a quick buck by recycling that information without actually testing/trying out the suggestions before passing them along. It’s likely to become an endless and VERY confusing journey because this approach lacks focus. Many times, this approach also fails to mention the WHY behind the solution. We’ve not only developed a specific framework with a realistic approach, but we dive deep to teach you the truth about skin. We’re not going to send you out into the world with a “do it because it works” attitude. We’ll teach you the science behind it so that you know the HOW and WHY behind the tools we’re giving you.

If there was a “cure” for my acne, shouldn’t my dermatologist/ doctor / esthetician be able to tell me already?
While there’s no official “cure” for acne, it can be managed when you know what your acne is caused by. There are so many different reasons our skin reacts by breaking out and we’ll explore these so you have information that your healthcare professional might not have the time or resources to explore with you. Think of this as a journey in self-discovery – your body is trying to tell you something by breaking out. Let’s find out what it’s trying to tell you!



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Ask a Question
  • I\'m not that familiar with Batty or Batty\'s Bath. Can you give me a \"big picture\" view of the course and what kind of teacher Batty is?

    Sure thing! 

    The big picture view (or the framework) for this course, in its simplest form, is the best possible way to get you from A to B ("A" being a state of being unhappy or frustrating with unruly skin.... "B" being in a state of understanding your skin, gaining back control, and achieving a clear complexion).

    We do this in a holistic, whole body approach that includes natural skincare, internal balancing, as well as tackling emotional and stress-related triggers.

    We will be addressing root causes (not just triggers or skincare) so therefore, this isn't a band-aid or temp solution to unruly skin. This isn't one of those solutions that will promise clear skin right now but doesn't take into account how things will be for your skin after finishing a bottle of cream or hitting a certain part in your monthly cycle. 

    Our "5 R" framework builds on itself - each module builds on the next to create a complete system and holistic plan for your unique root causes and triggers. We'll address triggers as they arise while you work on balancing your root causes.

    This is not just a 1 time quick fix that will fail you down the road. Instead, a lifelong framework for clear skin no matter what life throws at you - if your complexion breaks out, you'll have the tools and knowledge in place to regain a clear skin (and not end up in spiral of hopelessness and failed "quick fixes").

    This course has built-in group support - once you become a participant of this course you'll be part of a special, unique group of like-minded radiant rebels! Our special group will use a secret facebook group to congregate in so that we can chat with each other, share our experiences with one another, help each other out, cheer each other one, and support each other's journeys. 

    And now for Batty...

    Batty has a long history and stellar track record for helping others - especially with their skin! The before and after stories speak for themselves (as well as testimonials throughout social media and other sources), but we'd also like to tell you what radiant rebels and participants of small group workshops have said about her and her teaching style. Below is just a sampling of some of the things we've heard over the years... 

    - She's a kind, empathetic educator 
    - She doesn't sugar coat the truth and is a master at debunking myths
    - She makes big complicated things simple to understand (so you can take action rather than being stuck in the weeds and spinning your wheels)
    - She easily puts feelings, emotions, and intuitive gut feelings into words and actionable tasks
    - She's able to look at problems in new, refreshing ways that make sense. 
    - Her explanations make sense and are crystal clear
    - Often her myth-busting has lead to going against common mainstream beliefs (especially in the beauty and skincare industries) that keep people stuck.
    - She gets people UNSTUCK and free from underneath dated or stress(and breakout)-inducing mindsets, practices, and actions. She does this by showing why old mindsets don't make sense, aren't helpful or healthy. AND, she doesn't stop there - she provides mindset shifts that make things clear, positive, simple and do-able!
    - She provides clarity around what the media, quick fix pushers, and celebrity culture have told us about beauty, skincare, and self-esteem. With this clarity, others are able to think critically about marketing messages, advertisements, and even well-meaning but ill-informed sources. 

    ... but most importantly, SHE'S BEEN THERE. She's personally struggled with acne and come out the other side. She knows the common pitfalls, missteps, and traditional acne treatments. She's been someone who the go-to remedies for acne didn't work and she found a way to get clear anyways! She has an intimate understanding of acne which fuels her passion for helping others overcome it. 

  • What's your refund policy on this course?

    Refunds are offered up until 72 hours post purchase. You will receive an instant download upon purchase that contains the necessary pieces to complete Module 1; This way you’ll have one module of content to decide if this is the right approach for you. After that point, a refund will not be available to students. 

    We've set up our refund policy this way so participants can take in the WEEK 1 content and decide if this course is right for them or not.

    During the MODULE 1, we'll talk about what's to come in the following modules, as well as start our skin journals, start developing our skincare routines, explore face mapping, and more.

    If after taking in the Module 1 content (prior to the 72-hour deadline) you've decided this course isn't for you, a refund can be requested by emailing us at

  • Can you tell me more about how the content will be delivered?

    Sure! The content will be delivered via a secret Facebook group.

    Once granted permission to the group, you will have instant access to all module pieces including videos, worksheets, bonus resources. You can go about the course at a pace that best speaks to you and your needs. 

  • Will you be offering enhancements / bonuses?

    We sure will!
    Some of the enhancements/bonuses include: cheatsheets, worksheets, skin journal template, secret facebook group (and group support), weekly in-group Q&A support (as anything in the group and get an answer from the Batty's Bath team!)

  • What will you be teaching? How many modules will be there be?

    We'll be teaching the 5 "Rs" of the Batty's Bath roadmap to radiant skin (see the schedule below)

    1.    Module 1: intro/ skin journaling / face mapping / skincare routines workshop / joining the private FB group 2.    Module 2: R#1: Remove – common triggers, stumbling blocks, etc 3.    Module 3: R#2: Repair – actions to repair your skin (inside and out) 4.    Module 4: R#3: Replace – replacing problematic triggers with better options 5.   Module 5: R#4: Re-inoculate – setting your skin up for success and “inoculating” it against life’s crazy moments.  6.    Module 6: R#5: Rebalance – creating a balance that sets your skin up for success, including internal and external imbalances, as well as seasonal. Plus spotting and understanding skin journal trends 7.    Module 7: Full group check-in, how to continue to see improvement in your skin after our live version of the roadmap to radiance has ended, where to get continued support, recommended resources, celebration!

  • What SPECIFICALLY will we be figuring out with this course?

    We'll be figuring out what causes acne, oily skin, or congestion for YOU.  
    We'll go through the ins and outs of narrowing down root causes and triggers.

    Once you have that information in hand, a ripple effect of benefits happen...
    - No more worry and confusion around why your skin is acting the way it is
    - Self-confidence can be restored when you know you have the power to do something about breakouts. No more being stuck in the vicious acne anxiety cycle! 
    - No longer feeling like you're not sure whether or not you're doing the right thing or picking the right products for your skin
    - No longer feeling defeated after trying what has felt like "everything" before / being brushed off by well-meaning professionals, etc
    - No longer feeling like nobody understands (you'll have a group of people going through this right alongside you!)
    - Taking back control of our skin feels good! Moving from helpless to hopeful and from anxiety to action.

    We'll also create / craft a personalized life-long NATURAL solution after exploring your root causes and triggers (and trends in your skin journal). 
    - includes information that you can use at different life stages should your triggers and causes change in the future. 
    - you'll have a life-long roadmap and the tools to guide you back to clear skin

  • The description of this course seems to be pointed towards individuals fighting long-term acne. Would you say this course is specifically for that target group, or can someone that seems to have gotten acne under control take this course for other skin concerns? For example, I would like to have tools for clearing post-acne scarring and dealing with skin composition changes (mine is acting more oily for example, but I have eczema!). Thank you for taking the time to review my question :)

    Thanks for the question and congrats on getting your acne under control! That's so amazing to hear and I know from personal experience that it feels even better! Woohoo :D  To answer your question, we'll be talking a lot about internal processes (and external triggers) that affect the puzzle pieces that are involved with acne - which includes excess oil - as well as covering aspects of overall skin health. I truly believe that as an acne-prone radiant rebel who's still working towards balance, that you'll get a lot out of this course. We'll also be covering post-acne pigmentation and uneven skin tone which many are faced with AFTER clearing acne (as you know). You'll also have the chance to ask questions during the live workshops or in the private facebook group (for example, if you wanted to know if the advice from a certain week or topic was also applicable to eczema - in many cases it will be!). 

    We set the course up so that anyone who signs up can get a refund after the first week (the first week is an intro week where I'll go over what to expect, as well as a some of the topics we'll cover). If after the intro you feel that the course not right for you, you can request a refund as long as it's before the refund window ends (refund requests will be accepted up until 72 hours before the live workshop for week 2).  

    I hope that helps.
    Thanks again for your question and hope to see you in the course :) 

    - Batty 

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