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Top natural skin care picks for oily skin

Karla is our brand manager, community connector, virtual assistant, and makeup guru! Many of you also know her as our resident sunflower. This collection highlights her top picks from our product line!


Whipped Foundation

No matter what time of year or how high my oil production is, I can always count on the Whipped Foundation to keep me looking good. My favourite part though is that it looks as natural as it’s ingredients.

Lip Balm+

As a seasonal eczema sufferer, the Lip Balm+ (previously known as “body balm” is my go-to for relief when I’m in a flare-up. It delivers rich ingredients that absorb so my skin doesn’t feel sticky or oily.

Congestion Protection Mist

Each time I use this mist, my skin feels like it takes a deep breath. As someone who’s battled congestion for years, no other product has ever made a bigger difference in my skin’s overall tone and texture.

Raw Radiance

When you’ve got oily-prone skin, finding the right moisturizer can feel like the never-ending story. The Raw Radiance ensures I’m still getting a rich dose of the healthy oils my skin needs to stay balanced but without overloading my (already) oil -rich skin.