Balance Serum - Oil Balancing


  • Balance Serum - Oil Balancing
  • Balance Serum - Oil Balancing
  • Balance Serum - Oil Balancing
  • Balance Serum - Oil Balancing
  • Balance Serum - Oil Balancing

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Whether your skin has always been oily, or it's recently become an overactive oil pumping machine, Batty’s Balance Serum is formulated with ingredients that get things under control! And if you’re struggling with oily skin or acne, getting oil production under control is super important! Why? Besides oily skin being annoying (hello shiny oily mess by mid-day!), oily skin makes the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria! Bacteria that is completely natural and normal to the makeup of our skin, but once an oily environment is introduced, that bacteria starts multiplying exponentially (which causes irritation, inflammation, and acne!). So, let’s get that under control, shall we?

Balance Serum has ingredients that are similar to your skin’s sebum (your skin’s natural oil barrier), which is a good thing. Why? Because our skin often starts over producing oil in response to its protective barrier being depleted or damaged. By adding Balance Serum to your skin, over time, your skin notices that a healthy and complete barrier has been created and this slows down the production of oil!

If that wasn’t awesome enough, excess oil (sebum) actually dissolves into the Balance Serum (thanks to jojoba oil!). What that means is not only does this serum work towards solving oily skin in the long term, it also helps break down excess oil in the short term!

And Balance Serum doesn’t stop there! It also contains vitamin C! Why does that matter? Well, vitamin C does a lot of amazing things for the skin, but the benefit that those of us with oily skin and/or acne are most interested in is its natural ability to reduce redness and discoloration (including uneven colour left over from acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage).

Looking for help with clogged congested pores? Balance Serum tackles that too! How? By helping your skin to naturally dissolve any hardened clogs of debris & dead skin cells that are sitting in your pores causing congestion!

Balance Serum also tonnes, regenerates, protects against free radicals (hello anti-oxidants!), prevents the growth of/destroys bacteria (super important when clearing up acne!), and contains a whole host of helpful skin loving proteins, minerals, and vitamins including vitamin A & E, zinc, essential fatty acids omega 3 & omega 6, gamma linoleic acid (GLA), and vitamin C.

In a nutshell:

  • Balances oily skin (goodbye excess oil!)
  • Reduces redness and hyperpigmentation (caused by acne scars or sun damage)
  • Frees up clogged pores by dissolving trapped debris


I already use a moisturizer! Why add a serum?

I don’t believe in adding more products into your skin care routine then needed, so you might be wondering why I’ve added serums to my line!

First off, I use them all the time! Why? Because serums are liquid tonics that are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and natural ingredients that contain active properties that target specific concerns. So if there’s something specific you want to work on, serums are an easy way to add some extra oomph to your routine!

Secondly, serums are formulated to penetrate deep into your skin so they can heal and target specific concerns. They are able to penetrate deeper than moisturizers and can help restore skin to a balanced state (and isn’t that the point?). Plus, they are non-comedogenic, so no need to worry about clogged pores or a greasy residue.

Although serums can be hydrating (my Hydration Serum is designed to do just that!), their main purpose is to add nutrients deep into your skin that a moisturizer isn’t able to reach. However, keep your moisturizer in your routine! Applying your moisturizer after you apply a serum will lock the serum into your skin allowing the serum to do its best work without evaporating into the air.

Antioxidant IconMild Antibacterial IconCruelty Free IconVegan IconVitamin C

Find out more about these icons here.

  1. Apply your serum after applying your mist (if you’re using one), and before your moisturizer. While moisturizers help lock serums into your skin, serums help lock mists into your skin! You don’t have to wait for the mist to fully absorb before applying your serum. But you should wait a few minutes between applying your serum and moisturizer.
  2. Apply any time after you wash your face (hands, or other affected area).
  3. Since serums are hydrating, they can be a great alternative to a thick moisturizer during the hottest most humid days of summer! Skip the moisturizer during hot summer days, and use a serum instead. Then at night, apply all the moisturizer you like (and all the moisturizer your skin needs).
  4. During the winter, our skin needs extra help staying hydrated and protected from the elements. So, layer up your protection by using a mist, serum and moisturizer before heading out into the cold (or spending a lot of time in the dry indoor air!).

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Borage Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic Chamomile Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Echinacea Extract, Licorice Extract, Calendula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, Radish root ferment filtrate (natural preservative)

  • Size: 1oz / 30g
  • Packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper lid.


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