Body and Lip Jelly


  • Body and Lip Jelly
  • Body and Lip Jelly
  • Body and Lip Jelly
  • Body and Lip Jelly
  • Body and Lip Jelly
  • Body and Lip Jelly

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Anything that Vaseline can do, Batty's Jelly can do better!

Our mothers used it, and so did our Mothers’ Mothers- Passed down for generations as the be-all / go- to for women with dry skin, Vaseline (and other petroleum based jellies) have been infecting the world with cancer-causing contaminants and devastating our fragile environment. It’s time to toss the toxins and start loving your skin again with Batty’s Body & Lip Jelly, 100% natural and plant based moisture repairing, miracle working marmalade.

Why plant-based oils? Plant oils and plant-based oils are more similar to your skin's natural moisturizers. Batty's Jelly uses only castor oil (from the castor bean), natural beeswax, and vitamin E, making it safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. Castaway cracked heals and scorn off sore under-noses in the winter, all while creating a layer of protection for your skin.

In a nutshell:

  • Recommended for sore and/or cracked skin due to dryness
  • Safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin
  • 100% natural
  • Free of petroleum
  • Provides a protective barrier for the skin
  • Helps hold in moisture
  • Prevents chapping and irritation

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  1. After purchasing your Lip & Body Jelly locate the safest and most secretive place in your house. Preferably under lock and key. Once, word gets out about how jamming this jelly is, all your roomies and family members will want in on the action.
  2. It’s actually really simple! Any time and any place you feel dry skin on your body, liberally apply some of the jelly to the area. Use it on re-occurring problem areas, or as your daily lip balm. You can’t over-do it and your skin will thank you.


Foot Care Tip

If you have dry cracked feet, slather on the Batty's Body & Lip Jelly and then put on a pair of old socks overnight! Plus, make sure you're not using body wash, shampoo, or soaps that have detergents in them (this is usually the cause of dry cracked heels in the first place)! Batty's Bath products are ALL detergent free.

Castor Oil (Organic), Beeswax (local & ethically harvested), Vitamin E (gluten free)

  • Size: 14 g / 0.5 oz
  • Packaged in a glass jar

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