Daphne's Mix: Soothing Spray for Itchy Dogs


  • Daphne's Mix: Soothing Spray for Itchy Dogs
  • Daphne's Mix: Soothing Spray for Itchy Dogs
  • Daphne's Mix: Soothing Spray for Itchy Dogs

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Canine soothing spray for hot spots and other itchy/inflammatory skin conditions
Daphne's Story: Itchy Dog Finds Relief! Daphne's owner/doggie mommy explains how Daphne's Mix came about and what makes it awesome:
"Was talking with my wonderful friend Jamie aka Batty (the one who does the all natural dog shampoo with proceeds going to ADR!) about Daph's constant itching and irritated skin.She whipped up some sprays for me and WOW! My pink dog is white again!She's finally comfortable and barely scratching.I've done/tried it all, and was absolutely gobsmacked how fast and well what Batty put together worked for Daph! I haven't seen her this comfortable and itch free in I don't know how long. I've done the vet allergy meds (which made her super thirsty, panting and miserable), the over-the-counter meds, baths, apple cider vinegar and what Batty made is the ONLY thing to provide her with instant long lasting relief!Seriously, a miracle in our world here! It's a Batty's Bath miracle - check out her site and products, amazing! She really knows her stuff and it's all natural in enviro-friendly packaging!Daphne and I thank you so much! Anyone who has allergy dogs should be ordering this special spray! (and it smells awesome)" - Daphne's Doggie Mom
Check out the BEFORE and AFTER pictures below Before and after photos of Daphne's itchy skin divider-big-rose.png

I was so happy to hear that Daphne was feeling so much better only a few hours after getting "Daphne's Special Mix". Having it work that fast was awesome news and it was a relief that itchy Daphne was back to normal!! Success stories like this one reassure me that I've picked the right path for my life and living out my passion day in and day out is really paying off in big ways for those who need help the most! I couldn't ask for more than for the things I create to help those who can't find relief any other way! Creating the one thing that finally works is an amazing feeling! And it's a huge testament to the healing power of nature's ingredients!

If you have an itchy dog who needs relief, simply place your order for Daphne's Mix! I'm happy to make "Daphne's Special Mix" for any other canine friends who need it! This spray soothes, calms, and relaxes inflamed skin.

Batty's Signature divider-big-rose.png All proceeds from Daphne's Mix are donated to Bullies in Need in memory of Emily, Daphne, and Beans. Photo of Emily and dog from Ador-a-Bull Rescue

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Made with 100% natural ingredients
Chamomile, Aloe, Nettle Powder, Glycerin
  • Packaged in a glass jar with a spray top
  • Size: 2 oz / 60 g


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