Hydration Mist (Toner)


  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)
  • Hydration Mist (Toner)

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Sometimes a moisturizer isn’t enough to hydrate unbalanced skin! Why? Because your skin needs a balance of water and oils to stay balanced and keep its acid mantle intact (moisturizers only provide the oil portion of the equation). The skin’s acid mantle is your naturally protective layer of sebum. Without it, your skin (and system) is open to damage, infection, and oil imbalance.

Mists (and other hydrating products) provide the water part of the balanced skin equation. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin. Dry skin can be cured with moisturizers. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, has a lack of water (not oils), and a moisturizer isn’t enough. That’s where my hydration mist comes in.

It is possible to have dry AND dehydrated skin. In fact, it’s common. But just as common is dehydrated OILY skin. My hydration mist and hydration serum are the answer to dehydrated skin! Start with one, and add the other if needed. See how to use a mist, serum and moisturizer together under the “how to use” section.

Dehydrated skin is a bad thing! It leads to all kinds of problems including breakouts (see below), congested pores, poor circulation, and poor texture. It also means your natural acid mantle can’t do its job: protecting you!

My hydration mist is formulated to help you balance dehydrated skin once and for all!

In a nutshell:

  • Provides instant relief for dehydrated skin
  • Helps balance skin’s acid mantle to protect from excessive sebum production
  • Promotes health a healthy balance that need water
  • Aids in avoiding congestion and acne breakouts
  • Gives the appearance of smoother looking skin


Why add a mist to your routine?

Mists, like serums, are a quick way to make sure your skin is getting the natural, targeted ingredients it needs to combat a particular problem. They are like a super healthy facial without all the fuss!

The reason mists work so well is that they are made up of natural ingredients that your skin recognizes and knows what to do with! Your skin readily absorbs mists deep into its layers – the layers where the ingredients can do their most beneficial work!


Should I use the Hydration Mist or Serum?

  • Start using the serum if you suspect the level of dehydration is severe. Start with the mist if you suspect the level of dehydration is mild.
  • I generally suggest starting with one or the other (whichever your preference is). Then after a few weeks, if your skin needs an extra “drink”, add in the other to your routine (see how in the “how to use” section). Why do I say to start with your preference? Because you’ll be more likely to use it! ;)
  • Additionally, the Hydration MIST has been infused with provitamin B5 and vitamin B3 - both of which have been proven to support the skin's natural healing functions, AND protect the skin from further damage!
  • The Hydration Mist is best used by pairing it with a product that you'll apply over top of the mist. For example, one of my facial moisturizers, body balm, eczema ointment, or a serum. The serum can "stand alone" better than the mist can.


But Batty, I have a question!

“But my skin is oily! The last thing I need is a hydration mist!”
Think again!! Often skin produces excess oil as a response to being dehydrated!

“But isn’t a moisturizer enough?”
Not always. Moisturizers don’t penetrate as deeply as a serum can. If your skin is dry even after moisturizing regularly, you need to add a serum to your routine.

“I can’t use this! I have acne prone skin!” 
Actually, it might be just what your acne prone skin needs to balance itself! Many people break out due to dry skin! Why? Because when your skin is dry and flaky, there’s a huge increase in dead skin cells sitting on the top of your pores. Those dead skin cells clog up your pores when they block oils from exiting your pores (and tada! You have yourself a pimple!). By adding a hydrating serum or mist to your routine, the serum or mist can penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and hydrate the layers that your moisturizer hasn’t been able to reach. Follow up your serum or mist with a moisturizer and you’ll lock in all those hydrating ingredients. Your skin will drink it in and it will thank you! A serum or mist and moisturizer combo is to your skin what a refreshing glass of fresh squeezed lemonade is to you on a hot summer day! Aww, refreshing!


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A mist can easily be worked into any skin care routine. Simply use it after washing your face and before applying any serums or moisturizers. Easy as that! Mists can even be layered if you’re looking to target multiple problems at once.

Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Chamomile Hydrosol, Organic Everlasting Hydrosol, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Provitamin B5, Vitamin B3

  • Size: 2oz / 60g
  • Packaged in a glass bottle

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