Soothing Eye Gel


  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel
  • Soothing Eye Gel

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Batty’s Soothing Eye Gel is a natural wake me up for the delicate skin around your eyes! It is loaded with skin-supporting benefits thanks to carefully hand picked ingredients including antioxidant-packed extracts of carrot, coffee, green tea, cucumber, and apple, plus soothing rose hydrosol (floral water) and skin-protecting vitamin E.

It contains all the benefits that a great eye gel should including gently reducing puffiness, plumping fine lines by hydrating skin, and (with continued use) naturally increasing circulation to brighten dark eye circles.

This eye gel is refreshing, soothing, and softens skin. It even includes an ingredient known as the best oil for enhancing the appearance of mature skin; carrot essential oil.

Batty’s Soothing Eye Gel also has ingredients that are known to stimulate cell growth while removing toxins, rejuvenate and restore skin, soothe swollen or irritated skin, alleviates redness, and are packed with antioxidants and enzymes essential for strong cell growth and repair.

And the best part about Batty’s Soothing Eye Gel? It packs all the above benefits into an easy to apply lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-sticky, non-greasy formula. This eye gel slips on with ease so you don’t have to worry about tugging or pulling at the thin, delicate skin around your eyes.

In a nutshell

  • Plumps fine lines by hydrating skin
  • Fast absorbing
  • Sensitive skin safe
  • Reduces puffiness & inflammation
  • Increases circulation to brighten dark circles
  • Stimulates cell growth while removing toxins
  • Increases elasticity
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky
  • Soothes delicate skin
  • Easy to apply, light formula
  • 100% natural


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  1. Wash face
  2. Apply a small amount of soothing eye gel to eye area - gently rub in.
  3. Can be used daily in the AM and PM
Organic Aloe Vera, Sclerotium Gum, Organic Carrot Essential Oil, Organic Coffee Essential Oil, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Vitamin E (soy derived), Green Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract, Apple Extract, Alkyl Acrylate, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (natural preservative)
    • Size: 2oz / 60g
    • Packaged in a glass jar



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